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Happy August!

1 Aug

August is finally here. We’re that much closer to vacation and more importantly, the fall! Let’s kick off the month with one of my favorites. A few months ago I told The Dude I was going to get a license plate that said “LCNS PLT” (half kidding, of course). Less than 2 weeks later my friend Barney sent me this. I love it !



30 Apr

Ugh, someone should yell BURN at me because I posted the same plate twice. Sorry, I try to keep organized but it doesn’t always work!


11 Apr

I wonder if there is a metaphor for shitty parking jobs.

Do Gooder

10 Apr

I was going to come up with something snarky to say but with gas prices today, who am I to judge?

Ex Husband or Ex Wife?

3 Mar

Nothing like a good old fashion screw you.

Pretty Woman

21 Feb

Sorry, guy. No matter how hard you try, no one who looks like Julia Roberts is going to show up at your car window.

Time for fun!

9 Feb

The weekend is finally approaching, or at least in sight. Now if only we could get all these people together to throw a party.

Ok, so the last one might be a little cheesy but hey, at least they are enjoying life.