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Everyone has their favorite…

8 Sep

beach location. Ironically this was sent to me the same weekend OC, MD was being evacuated for hurricane Irene. Hope they didn’t have the same bad luck of picking the wrong weekend to be down there too.


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

27 May

The long weekend is finally upon us. The start to the summer! I’m very excited it’s finally here. It means our week at the beach is approaching in a couple of months and we can shed the boots for our flip-flops. We have a fun summer planned filled with showers, weddings, vacations and birthdays. For everyone going to the beach this weekend, I’m SUPER jealous. I’ll be here having my own fun though. The Dude’s birthday is tomorrow! (and umm, I haven’t bought a gift yet!). Enjoy your weekends no matter what you’re doing. We know where someone will be:

Shall we shag now..or shall we shag later?

21 Mar

Well, I’m back from my drunkation and it was a wonderful time. It was so nice to get away, be in the warm weather and be surrounded by thousands of drunk maniacs every day! One person was not only getting drunk, they were getting lucky!

Ok, clearly not just one person. It was New Orleans after all!! I also came back to a lot of plates in my email box so stay tuned for some real doozies 🙂

In honor of the Green Bay Packers…

8 Feb

and in the words of Aaron Rogers:


More things I apparently do not understand..

4 Jan

I posted this on FB this morning.  A lot of people wrote back with their varying opinions. I came to realize I’m not the only who doesn’t understand this obsession but it definitely still exists. The Dude and I have been to OBX once so I realize that doesn’t make me an expert but I truly feel once was enough to form my opinion.

We went this past August for a wedding. While the wedding was awesome and it was great to see good friends, the drive down and the beach itself didn’t do anything for me. Its far and I’m sorry, but the drive is so boring. When I finally got to plant my ass in the sand and it got hot enough to go in the water I was shit out of luck. The water was riddled with jellyfish. And while I don’t always partake in all the boardwalk has to offer, I really missed it! I missed the smell of boardwalk fries and pizza and the sound of bells and whistles going off as each game is won. I’m sorry OBX, but you didn’t win me over.

And let me add that there were personalized plates just like this one EVERYWHERE. I could have added a good 30 pictures to this post had I been taking pictures back then. It must be one of those things…like the people who own Jeeps who put “Joes Jeep” on their plate and then wave to each other on the road. To each his own, right? I’ll stick to NJ and DE.