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Non Plates

3 Aug

It’s time for some non plates again. Nothing says klass like farting figures:


And FINALLY, stick figures I can really get behind! I want to meet these people and hug them. I laugh every time I look at this:


19 Jan

My friend Shannon posted this on my FB wall and if you haven’t seen it yet, its hilarious. I wish I owned some of them. Thanks, Shannon!


Stick Figures (again!)

4 Aug

It’s time for my most favorite things – stick families! I’m going to let this one slide because I’m choosing to believe that not only are they making fun of themselves, they are making fun of how stupid these stickers are. So thank you, Ass Family, for making a mockery of this trend. Question though, do your cats suck? Why are they left out?

Also, I’m going to call this family a fail because when you’re driving behind them, it looks like the dad is holding the family up with a gun. Poor placement.

Some non-plates

28 Apr

Tonight’s post is dedicated to a couple of ridiculous (or awesome, depending on how you look at it) things seen on vehicles lately that are not license plates. So let’s get started..

fantastic advertising:

some not so great advertising:

this just made me chuckle:

umm seriously? by now you know my thoughts on this and this takes the cake on the worst! How about ‘Dumb Ass’:

and lastly, The Dude wants to know why these people have pants on but no shirts?

Poor little Stevy

25 Mar

I really hope Mommy doesn’t get knocked up by anyone else because that kid is sure to play second fiddle to Stevy, who is most likely the child of the sticker family. We sure know who Stevy isn’t and that’s the dad. See now we don’t have to guess! Maybe they do serve a purpose. Unless of course Stevy is the dog or cat, then damn that kid is screwed more than he already is.


Things I just don’t understand

3 Jan

I realize todays post doesn’t involve a license plate, but this needs to be addressed.What in the holy hell is with those ridiculous stickers of family members we now see on cars everwhere? I just don’t get it! What is the obsession? Do you really need to tell the whole world how many kids, cats and dogs you have? This is an example of how I’m losing faith in our society. Some idiot made these stickers and is now probably sitting rich while parents everywhere snatch them up because they are just what? so cool? so fun? Because your neighbor has them so you have to have them too? I have such hatred for them that The Dude thought it would be funny to buy me some for Christmas. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with them just yet though. I thought maybe the son could hump the dog? I’m still taking suggestions.

Anywho this one is almost a people’s choice post because my friend A sent me this picture yesterday and I immediately wanted to hunt this family down and rip the mickey ears right off of them:

I mean, what the hell? Do they really have 8 kids? Does anyone really care? The only thing this tells me is how lame you are.

For good measure let me show you one more. They now come in royalty ya’ll!

(ahem: please note the bumper sticker)