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What’s in a name?

13 Dec

Just about everyone I know right now is pregnant or has given birth in the past month. Lucky for me (or them? or their kids?), none of them have named their kids anything dumb. It seems naming your kid something stupid is all the rage these days. Everyone wants their kid to have a name no one else has. Or they give them a common name and spell it in the most ridiculous way possible. If this cat has kids, I can only imagine how many Y’s are in their names.


Helllooo Jerry…

5 Dec

Viewer help

25 Jul

I know..I’m boring tonight but I need your help. What is ARMEN? Is it just something I don’t know about? I even tried to google it and nothing came up except an ARMEN car dealership. But the Conicelli plate frame makes think that these cars aren’t from that dealership.

Mimi Mimi everywhere!

18 Jul

I’m posting twice today because I finally went through my phone and downloaded all of the pictures everyone has sent me and well, I have a ton! Some of them are so awesome I can’t wait to share them but I’m waiting for specific occasions. In due time. In the mean time,  it looks like there are Mimis everywhere! This must be a popular nickname. It is fun to say 🙂

Mini People

18 Jul

So we’ve already covered that there “Jeep People” out there but apparently there is a new trend. Mini people. Add this to the list of things I’ll never understand. We get that its yours. Are they afraid if they park next to each other they won’t be able to figure out which key unlocks which car?


I’m back..with the mini Duggars?

26 Jun

Ok, so I suck. I had to take a little leave. But I warned you..June has been an insane month. Last weekend I hosted a bridal shower and bachelorette party. That was the last of the events for June and damn it was fun. But it turns out I can’t stay up partying till 4am, sleep for 2 hrs and then function the rest of the week. My entire week was completely thrown off and everyday I was thoroughly exhausted. But life as I know it is returning to normal. So enough of that and back to blogging.

Today I bring you the mini Duggars. If you don’t know who they are, well then, good for you! They are probably the most annoying family possible. They have a trillion kids and all of their names start with the letter J. Now their oldest son is working on a litter for himself as well. Every time that family shows up on the Today Show with a “special announcement”  I just cringe knowing that yet another one is on the way. Does that woman even remember what life was like to not be pregnant? I just don’t get it. I guess Four K’s are on their way. They better hope Five K’s or Six K’s aren’t taken when they reach that point!

Mimi’s Cousin

16 Jun

In March when we went on our Drunkation, on the way to the airport we spotted Mimi’s cousin! It was such a joyous day!

I promise after this weekend I’ll be back to posting on a more regular basis. I have a lot of good stuff to share!