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Love Connection, Part 4

21 Aug

It’s time for yet another love connection!



30 Apr

Ugh, someone should yell BURN at me because I posted the same plate twice. Sorry, I try to keep organized but it doesn’t always work!

Love Connection, Part 3

14 Mar

Not so much a love connection as much as connecting people who need each other. Also, whats with teeth people?


17 Feb

We’ll round out Valentines week with Mr. Smooth. ‘Cause that is really going to do the trick. He probably also uses pick up lines such as “Did it hurt?” Ya know, followed up with “Did it hurt when you feel from heaven.” Barf.



15 Feb

Valentines Day must have been special with three boys lovin’ on them. Sounds kinky.

Happy Valentines Day

14 Feb

C’mon, you know you want to jump in his Chrysler and see what he has to offer. Something tells me its butterscotch hard candies, but whatever floats your boat. Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines Week

13 Feb

I’m not really into Valentine’s Day (instead of romantic dates, The Dude and I are going to the gun range tomorrow!) but I figured everyone else might be so this week will be dedicated to V-day. Hope everyone has a good week 🙂