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Hurricane Sandy

29 Oct

I don’t have much to say right now other than I hope everyone is staying safe. The wind is really scary right now and our neighbor already lost half a tree. Something tells me this guy will be getting a lot of calls in the days to come:


Mosbius Designs

17 Aug

Architects really love to tell you whats up. They are their own little proud group. I wonder if they work for Mosbius Design?

Rockin’ DJ, Yo!

22 Jul

Not only is he the best DJ in town, but he’s also a special agent! I bet this 007 is just jealous he doesn’t have an 80’s boardwalk airbrushed fake license plate. Jealousy is a bitch.

It’s the end of the world as we know it!

18 May

Do you know what is crazier than thinking the world is going to end is just 3 short days? Thinking there is alien life form and that you are some day going to find a UFO flying around outside. Society is starting to scare me.

The Royal Wedding

29 Apr

Well for those of you who woke up at 3:55 to start watching The Royal Wedding, that is some serious dedication. I will admit that I’m not that into it. I did turn it on when I got up for work because I was curious to see what Kate was wearing and I watched the vows on YouTube and then I got sucked in to staying home later than I should to watch the first kiss. I’m not going to lie, the first kiss was disappointing. I was hoping for more spark and fun considering how in love and adorable they are (well, she is). I can see how people can get wrapped up in this though. It is a major event and it is an exciting wedding after all. There is one person you can guarantee got up in time to watch it:

Big Black is Back!

28 Apr

I’m finally catching up on my DVR and I’m so happy to see that Big Black is back on Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. This show is so ridiculous and totally hilarious. I wish I could work there. If you watch this show you know that Big Black’s tag line is

Do Work, Son!

Last night I watched ‘The Bleeding Frogs’ episode and BB’s shirt actually said “Do Work” on it. Of course it’s his line of clothing so it has to say that! So..in honor of BB’s return to the show:

I am Batman!

22 Apr

With the bat mobile in the shop for repairs, Batman had to resort to his everyday SUV. But he couldn’t drive around unknown, he had to make sure we all knew it was him.  Of course, even Batman himself gets thrown off by driving in his commoner vehicle. It’s come to the point where he needs to keep a picture of his enemy on hand to remember who he is looking for.

Uh, on a serious note… obsess much? Yikes!