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Fall is near!

9 Sep

Oy, excuse my absence. I was away on vacation and then came back and was still on vacation for another week. That is winding down now as I return to normal life tomorrow 😦 The upside is it’s September and Fall is approaching!! Bring on all things pumpkin: bread, pie and most importantly, BEER!



Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

25 May

It is finally the long weekend!! Millions of people everywhere will be lighting their grills and having a BBQ. Someone knows how to do it right:

And just in case you were wondering what he might BBQ:

or maybe

Happy Holiday!

20 Apr

For those of you with the munchies…


Happy Easter!

8 Apr

Please excuse my absence lately. For someone who hardly ever gets sick, lately I keep managing to get everything that is going around these days. Anyway, it’s Easter! We’re off soon to the annual giant egg hunt at The Dude’s parent’s house. Hope everyone is enjoying the day stuffing themselves full of chocolate and peeps. As my friend Andrea likes to say, Jesus is tops!


1 Apr

Happy April, everyone! This is my favorite month of the year for many reasons. One of them is because its National Greyhound Adoption Month! Spread the word 🙂

Meet my greyhound, Binzo. We got our little Binny girl almost a year ago and it has been the best experience. She has loads of energy and loves to run laps in the yard or jump all over us anytime she hears keys jingling and she thinks a car ride is in store for her. The rest of the time she likes to be as lazy as can be and cuddle on the couch with us. She’s a complete love bug!


Happy St. Patricks Day!

17 Mar

Hope everyone has a fun-filled St. Patty’s Day 🙂 Start at noon, drink green beer and dress up like fools!

Memories…all alone in the moonlight

16 Mar

Ahhh, it seems like not that long ago we were leaving for Drunkation. Words can’t describe how sad I am that we aren’t going anywhere this year but lets take a trip down memory lane for ol’ time’s sake.