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Show off much?

15 Oct

Ugh, someone should punch him in the junk just for showing off. And really, you want everyone knowing what kind of money you have? Let everyone think you took out a loan like normal people!



21 Jan

If you recall from this post and this post, parents just love to talk about their kids. I’d love to sit back and watch all these parents debate on which kids are the best.

Wanna take bets on if these kids are really that cute?


New Years Resolutions

6 Jan

Well, its early January so let the bitching about over crowding at the gym commence. No worries folks, in another couple of weeks the crowd will thin and you can go back to the treadmills with out waiting in line. Here are a few who are sure to be annoyed right now. Or maybe happy that people are getting out there? Its hard to tell.

T minus 3 more days

16 Aug

I like this attitude. In t minus 3 more work days, I’ll be free of my duties for two full weeks! I’ll be spending a majority of the time at home, but I don’t even care! As long as I’m not at work.

Is it just me or does that sound filthy?

10 Aug

Honey, I think it’s about an accordion!

Jersey Shore

7 Aug

I knew Jersey Shore was a popular show (although I still for the life of me can’t figure out why) but this is just a bit much. GTL, fist pumps, grenades and whatever other stupid sayings came from that show are clearly taking the world by storm. I can only imagine the meat head driving this with his gold chains and hair slicked back with an entire bottle of gel.

Riddle me this..

27 Jul

Riddle me this, why does everyone think they are Batman?