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Hurricane Sandy

29 Oct

I don’t have much to say right now other than I hope everyone is staying safe. The wind is really scary right now and our neighbor already lost half a tree. Something tells me this guy will be getting a lot of calls in the days to come:

Show off much?

15 Oct

Ugh, someone should punch him in the junk just for showing off. And really, you want everyone knowing what kind of money you have? Let everyone think you took out a loan like normal people!

I’m back!

13 Oct

I’m back from the longest break I’ve taken from this here little blog. There has been a lot going on around these parts. I finally ditched my droid and got myself the newest iPhone but of course that meant having to email myself loads of  plate pictures I had stored on my phone because my Mac wouldn’t sync with that pos phone. I also updated our operating system, which is making it difficult to add photos to Word Press, but I’m figuring that one out. Right before that happened, The Dude and I found out we were expecting not one but two babies in April! So the past couple of months have been spent on the couch feeling like junk. But, I’m back and feeling much better (knock on wood!).  On our many trips to the doctor office, I passed this car in the garage a few hundred times:

Fall is near!

9 Sep

Oy, excuse my absence. I was away on vacation and then came back and was still on vacation for another week. That is winding down now as I return to normal life tomorrow 😦 The upside is it’s September and Fall is approaching!! Bring on all things pumpkin: bread, pie and most importantly, BEER!


Love Connection, Part 4

21 Aug

It’s time for yet another love connection!

Non Plates

3 Aug

It’s time for some non plates again. Nothing says klass like farting figures:


And FINALLY, stick figures I can really get behind! I want to meet these people and hug them. I laugh every time I look at this:

Haaave you met my friend Ted?

2 Aug

Happy August!

1 Aug

August is finally here. We’re that much closer to vacation and more importantly, the fall! Let’s kick off the month with one of my favorites. A few months ago I told The Dude I was going to get a license plate that said “LCNS PLT” (half kidding, of course). Less than 2 weeks later my friend Barney sent me this. I love it !

We all start somewhere

26 Jul

In case you need a daily reminder.


This post is brought to you by the number 11.












Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

16 Jul

I saved the best for last because this person is the biggest fan. Nothing says commitment like a white VW Beatle.