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30 Apr

Ugh, someone should yell BURN at me because I posted the same plate twice. Sorry, I try to keep organized but it doesn’t always work!


Happy Holiday!

20 Apr

For those of you with the munchies…


Fast Car

18 Apr

One might wonder why Mr. 200 MPH is driving in the right lane?


12 Apr

No doubt there are some happy campers out there right now at the Flyers come back last night in game 1.


11 Apr

I wonder if there is a metaphor for shitty parking jobs.

Do Gooder

10 Apr

I was going to come up with something snarky to say but with gas prices today, who am I to judge?

Happy Easter!

8 Apr

Please excuse my absence lately. For someone who hardly ever gets sick, lately I keep managing to get everything that is going around these days. Anyway, it’s Easter! We’re off soon to the annual giant egg hunt at The Dude’s parent’s house. Hope everyone is enjoying the day stuffing themselves full of chocolate and peeps. As my friend Andrea likes to say, Jesus is tops!