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26 Jan

Whenever The Dude and I go to a sporting event we always laugh at the fact that the crowd (including us) are like sheep. The minute music plays we instinctively start clapping our hands. It’s sort of ridiculous if you think about it. Guy’s gotta point…

Love it:


Why the hostility?

24 Jan

Someone clearly wants everyone to be quiet! At least she’s being nice about it and saying thank you?? We should hook her up with this chick.


21 Jan

If you recall from this post and this post, parents just love to talk about their kids. I’d love to sit back and watch all these parents debate on which kids are the best.

Wanna take bets on if these kids are really that cute?



19 Jan

My friend Shannon posted this on my FB wall and if you haven’t seen it yet, its hilarious. I wish I owned some of them. Thanks, Shannon!

Menage a trois?

19 Jan

I found a third for you!

But seriously, love all these NJ people!

Tebow mania

9 Jan

I bet I’m not the only one who is sick of hearing about Tebow everywhere you go – TV, at work and all over the internet. When will the God jokes on FB end? Bring on The Phillies!

New Years Resolutions

6 Jan

Well, its early January so let the bitching about over crowding at the gym commence. No worries folks, in another couple of weeks the crowd will thin and you can go back to the treadmills with out waiting in line. Here are a few who are sure to be annoyed right now. Or maybe happy that people are getting out there? Its hard to tell.