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Happy New Year!

31 Dec

I’ve been slacking. I had plates picked out for Christmas and even Boxing Day. But then I drank a little too much and got sick Christmas Eve and then I just got down right sick the rest of the week and yesterday was the first day I felt human again. So here is my Christmas plate for you, a little late but in time to celebrate another holiday. Hope you all had a great holiday and a safe and happy new year! Joy to the world:


Arrgghh (in my best pirate voice)

24 Dec

Be on the lookout…pirates are everywhere.

Only bears?

20 Dec

I don’t think bears are the only thing you’re nuts about. Yikes.

Not the game..

16 Dec

We talkin’ about practice! Anyone who follows sports, or lives in our area, has seen this clip of Iverson talking about practice and saying the word countless times. The Dude (my dude, not Iverson) even has “we talkin’ about practice” as his text message notification. It made waves like Jim Mora’s playoffs rant! In case you live under a rock:

Well even all the way out in California they’re talkin’ about practice!

Love Connection

15 Dec

Chuck Woolery here back with another episode of Love Connection. NJ Girl, meet your new date:

Maybe they can go tanning together.

What’s in a name?

13 Dec

Just about everyone I know right now is pregnant or has given birth in the past month. Lucky for me (or them? or their kids?), none of them have named their kids anything dumb. It seems naming your kid something stupid is all the rage these days. Everyone wants their kid to have a name no one else has. Or they give them a common name and spell it in the most ridiculous way possible. If this cat has kids, I can only imagine how many Y’s are in their names.

Baby It’s Cold Outside

8 Dec

This guy can keep you warm, in more than one way.

Maybe they can get together.