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Be a hero

27 Nov

Keeping with the theme of being nice and doing things for others, how cool would it be if you had the chance to save someone’s life?


Happy Thanksgiving!

24 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and gets to spend time doing whatever it is that makes you happy. In the month of nice, take time to think about what you’re thankful (or grateful) for. I have a long list but I won’t bore you with it but I will start my day with something that makes me happy – a hike with The Dude and our pup. Then dinner with family 🙂 Enjoy and be safe!

Cheer Up

15 Nov

The holidays are coming up and mostly all anyone is doing these days is bitching about the christmas music already playing and no one “respecting the turkey” and blah blah blah. Frankly, there are more important things in the world going on. Everyone knows that the holidays sometimes equal people being the most depressed. To those people I give you this:

Country pride

12 Nov

Ok, back to month of nice for real now. Nothing like a little patriotism to get back on track:


10 Nov

Yes, I’m interrupting month of nice again. I wonder how these people are feeling right now. I imagine a little sickened by what’s going on right now. It’s really just sad.

Baby Interruption

8 Nov

I have to interrupt the month of nice real quick for story time. The Dude and I have gone on vacation the past two years with our friends, J&J. Each year we laugh about how we’re going to get “Drunk Thing 1” and “Drunk Thing 2” shirts. A month or two ago she sent me this picture and now it’s extremely fitting because J gave birth to her own Thing 1 yesterday afternoon! Congrats to J&J and baby Z!

A month of nice

6 Nov

I can’t believe its November already! And the 6th at that. I’ve decided instead of being snarky I’m going to post nothing but uplifting messages this month, or for as many days as I can. Since Obama recently announced he is bringing home all the troops, lets start the month of nice with this: