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Happy Halloween

31 Oct

Happy Halloween!! Enjoy and stay safe. Don’t eat yellow snow or unwrapped candy 🙂


The big Noreaster!

30 Oct

Well, unless you live in a bubble you know that our area was hit with its first snow fall. That means cue the complaints on Facebook, the idiots drivers and the madness at the food stores. But there are still some of us who love the winter and think that snow in October is not the end of the world! While I’d prefer to snowboard, I’m with these guys. Bring on winter 🙂

Dog Days

25 Oct

Similar to people’s obsessions with their kids, like this chick, we have people obsessed with their dogs. Some might say I’m obsessed with my dog, because I am. But there is a line to be drawn. That line is when you think your dog is your twin.

Or perhaps it’s when your dog’s life takes over your own life.

Maybe another love connection. A strange one, but a love connection nonetheless.



Love connection

21 Oct

I’ve mentioned before that I could probably start a dating service on this website. I could set these two up and they could pick at each other all day like a couple of chimpanzees! Just call me Chuck Woolrey.

I have a solution

18 Oct

DRIVE FASTER. Home slice is probably always late because they were driving under the speed limit. I only stayed behind them long enough to grab this pic before I, like everyone else on the road, changed lanes to go flying past them at an acceptable speed.

Cause it’s Friday!

14 Oct

You ain’t got no job… and you ain’t got shit to do.

I’ve said it before…

12 Oct

and I’ll say it again. Over compensating for something?