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Holy Sunday

25 Sep

It’s Sunday and most people are at church. We’re not, but most people are. Some things to ponder today if you’re going…


Dancing with Chaz

20 Sep

You know who was glued to the tv last night watching Chaz Bono on Dancing with the Stars? Someone who thinks his mother is god. Fabulous!

I was going to crop this picture, which my friend Scott sent me, but his shadow was to fun. Say hi to Scott everyone!

Five Interesting People

16 Sep

For months one of my friends has been telling me about this plate and how he’s behind them all the time and one day he’d get a picture. Well then one day it was in my inbox, but from someone else! Sorry, L.

Anyway, these poor kids. I’m sure right now they think its awesome that their parents drive around with these ridiculous stickers calling themselves “5 GOOFYS” but you know when they’re teenagers they’ll be begging their parents to get rid of this immediately. At least the parents have secured their spot in never picking the kids up from the movies because seriously, who would want this whip rolling up to pick up you and your totally awesome friends?

Really no kids?

14 Sep

I’m surprised she isn’t calling her cats her “kids.” Most crazy cat ladies always consider them their children. For shame.

Parrot Heads Round 2

13 Sep

It’s time for Parrot Heads again! Maybe I should start a dating service and hook up everyone with similar interests!


10 years

11 Sep

I searched my archives for something fitting for today but I came up empty-handed. So I’m just going to give you all someone who is happy and uplifting in hopes that everyone can have the same attitude. Be grateful for what you have and enjoy every minute 🙂

Everyone has their favorite…

8 Sep

beach location. Ironically this was sent to me the same weekend OC, MD was being evacuated for hurricane Irene. Hope they didn’t have the same bad luck of picking the wrong weekend to be down there too.