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Here I am!

26 Aug

Please excuse my break from the internet. I’m on vacation for 2+ weeks. I’ve been in one of my favorite places for the last 5 days. It was supposed to be a one week vacation but due to that bitch Irene, we had to evacuate and come home early. That’s ok though, I guess. At the very least, I’m glad to sleep in my own bed, and see the dog again and just be in my own home. It helps that I’m still off from work for another week and might be able to squeeze in another beach day next week!! So here is to one of my favorite places…hopefully it doesn’t get too damaged. Until next year!….


Mosbius Designs

17 Aug

Architects really love to tell you whats up. They are their own little proud group. I wonder if they work for Mosbius Design?

T minus 3 more days

16 Aug

I like this attitude. In t minus 3 more work days, I’ll be free of my duties for two full weeks! I’ll be spending a majority of the time at home, but I don’t even care! As long as I’m not at work.

A Subaru?

15 Aug

I wonder if this car is a result of a scandal. Because if it is, someone should have held out for something more expensive!

Some confusion

13 Aug

Poor guy was so sick of being chased by the cops and being confused for a murderer, he had to set the record straight!

Is it just me or does that sound filthy?

10 Aug

Honey, I think it’s about an accordion!

Jersey Shore

7 Aug

I knew Jersey Shore was a popular show (although I still for the life of me can’t figure out why) but this is just a bit much. GTL, fist pumps, grenades and whatever other stupid sayings came from that show are clearly taking the world by storm. I can only imagine the meat head driving this with his gold chains and hair slicked back with an entire bottle of gel.