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Way to go NY!

30 Jul

You may have heard that recently New York state got their shit together and finally legalized gay marriage! It’s about time and I hope the rest of the states can quickly follow suit. There has been a huge outpour of support and funny images online depicting how ridiculous it is to not legalize it. It’s also been awesome to read about all the weddings that have already taken place. So here’s to you, residents of NY who can finally plan your dream wedding and live happily with your spouses! Hopefully Virginia gets on board.


Riddle me this..

27 Jul

Riddle me this, why does everyone think they are Batman?


Just what the world needs

26 Jul

Did it suddenly become cool to brag about personality traits that most people would find so irritating they don’t want to hang out with you? What’s even better is that it’s not even true. I’m hard pressed to believe you’re a spoiled brat when you’re driving around in an old Jeep. Sorry honey, if you’re tryin’ to fit in with the rest of the brats, you have some work to do.

Viewer help

25 Jul

I know..I’m boring tonight but I need your help. What is ARMEN? Is it just something I don’t know about? I even tried to google it and nothing came up except an ARMEN car dealership. But the Conicelli plate frame makes think that these cars aren’t from that dealership.

Spread the love

24 Jul

Since everyone seems so miserable due to the heat wave (ok, maybe its just me?) it’s time to spread some love around here.

a man was driving this next one. special.

Just because..

22 Jul

This is too funny not to share!

Rockin’ DJ, Yo!

22 Jul

Not only is he the best DJ in town, but he’s also a special agent! I bet this 007 is just jealous he doesn’t have an 80’s boardwalk airbrushed fake license plate. Jealousy is a bitch.