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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

27 May

The long weekend is finally upon us. The start to the summer! I’m very excited it’s finally here. It means our week at the beach is approaching in a couple of months and we can shed the boots for our flip-flops. We have a fun summer planned filled with showers, weddings, vacations and birthdays. For everyone going to the beach this weekend, I’m SUPER jealous. I’ll be here having my own fun though. The Dude’s birthday is tomorrow! (and umm, I haven’t bought a gift yet!). Enjoy your weekends no matter what you’re doing. We know where someone will be:

Got Junk?

25 May

Homeboy here has a lot of soul. You know what else he has? A lacquered headboard. Yikes. 1980 called and they want their bedroom set back. Maybe instead of soul he should get some style.

Zombie Apocalypse!

20 May

Well kids, like we don’t have enough to worry about with the rapture coming tomorrow, we now have to worry about Zombie Apocalypse! So be sure to have your emergency plan ready, your supplies bought and don’t forget to hide your kids and wife. They’re out to get us!

It’s the end of the world as we know it!

18 May

Do you know what is crazier than thinking the world is going to end is just 3 short days? Thinking there is alien life form and that you are some day going to find a UFO flying around outside. Society is starting to scare me.

Epitome of Lazy

16 May

Everyone has their lazy days where they don’t feel like doing anything, especially getting any form of exercise. For me, its most likely a Sunday. For some, its everyday. I mean why use your legs at all to get you anywhere when we have these awesome little inventions called cars!

Virginia is for lovers

13 May

Some people take a lot of pride in their state and where they live. I totally get that. Being a Jersey girl I get annoyed when people talk shit about the state. However, sometimes showing your love just makes you look like a pervert.  Don’t these things go without saying? While I find this hilarious and I think they have a great sense of humor, umm it kinda makes you look Whiskey Tango. But better you than me. I’ll still enjoy it!

I’ll be back

11 May

I’ve been feeling uninspired since the week of Mother’s Day posts. I think this is mostly due to being so busy/stressed at work that by the time I get home, my brain can’t process anything. I have some really funny ones that people have submitted lately and I’m working on getting them all onto my computer. They came via texts and when I tried to email them to myself for some reason today, it doesn’t want to work. So bare with me. In another day or so, we should be back to normal around here!

Save the best for last!

8 May

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! I went ahead and saved the best for last. We’ve had all sorts of moms this week but non of them can compare to this mom. She trumps all. Or so she thinks. She clearly hasn’t met my mom. Or my mother in law. Or even my submitter 😉 But all joking aside, I hope all the moms have a wonderful day!

No time Mom

7 May

It’s Saturday which usually means running around and getting errands done. This is generally the busiest day of most people’s weeks. You know who is busier than everyone else though? Moms. BUSYMOM would you have you think she has no time for herself and her life revolves around her kids. Don’t let her fool you, she was at the gym. Doing something for herself!

Fun Mom

6 May

Its Friday!! I don’t know about you but I’m ready to let loose and have some fun. This has been one long week. Bring on the margaritas (yeah, that’s right, we’re still celebrating Cinco De Mayo!) You know who else is ready for the weekend so she can go nuts?