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Too much awesomeness for me to handle!

31 Mar

There are just so many awesome people out there I don’t know how the non awesome people can function. Of course when you’re awesome, you definitely need to let everyone know. And by that I mean rub it in their faces, bitches! I present to you AWWW SUM’s best friends:


And speaking of awesomeness you all need to check out Spose. Because he is the KING of awesome. But if you do not like the F word, then turn away now. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. The Dude and I pretty much love this guy. (sorry, apparently you can’t watch from here but I promise its worth it!)


Celebrity Sighting

30 Mar

Its been a while but its celebrity sighting time ya’ll! My friend’s dad sent her this picture (without knowing about this here little blog) because he was just that excited to be behind the one and only, Bond. James Bond. He might want to reconsider this decision though because it will be mission impossible to stay inconspicuous. Ba dum dum! Thanks J’s dad!


I wonder if the chick from logistics..

28 Mar

Ever got to see Drew’s O Face. Oh…oh…oh! You know what I’m talkin’ about!

Boo this man!

26 Mar

With less than a week left until the Phillies opening day only one thing comes to mind here. The scene from Half Baked where Thurgood goes to rehab for marijuana only to be yelled at by crackheads that weed is not a drug. Eventually one of them stands up and yells:


So go ahead Phillies fans….



Poor little Stevy

25 Mar

I really hope Mommy doesn’t get knocked up by anyone else because that kid is sure to play second fiddle to Stevy, who is most likely the child of the sticker family. We sure know who Stevy isn’t and that’s the dad. See now we don’t have to guess! Maybe they do serve a purpose. Unless of course Stevy is the dog or cat, then damn that kid is screwed more than he already is.


C Drunk!

24 Mar

As everyone starts posting pictures of drunkation on Facebook, slowly some memories are coming back to me of St. Patty’s Day. Some of course I just look at and think..”when did that happen?” My friends and family describe this type of drunk as “C Drunk.” Yup, I am a definition. Being “C Drunk” means having fun, acting like a fool (in a good way) and enjoying life. If you take C Drunk too far you just end up on a whole new level. We call that level:

Hot mess level can be fun though when it isn’t you! This is usually the person who slurs their words, starts a bar fight and then goes home in tears. Pure entertainment for those on the outskirts who get to sit back and watch. The people it’s not fun for? Your friends who have to take care of you. So do yourself a favor and cut yourself off at C Drunk!

Ignorance is Bliss

23 Mar

Some would say its good to have confidence and I would agree. It definitely can’t hurt in life. After all, if you don’t think highly of yourself who will? It’s another┬áthing entirely to be over-confident, or arrogant, if you will. My Florida submitter sent me an email saying that the driver was anything but cute. To that I say…ignorance is bliss!

Enjoy the twofer.