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Hey Miss Thang!

28 Jan

MSSDKNY would want you to believe she’s high class and fancy. She drives a Mercedes and she has a plate modeled  after a designer. You know she only shops at high end stores and buys herself the best of the best. So I guess I just have one question for her….

Why are you parked outside Davids Bridal?



26 Jan

At a time of year when the gym crowd starts thinning out because the new years resolutions are can always count on FYZ-ED to keep you motivated!

Go Flyers

25 Jan

Sorry for the delay in posts. There are some days that just escape from me before I know what happened to them. Although I’m not really a fan myself this is for everyone who lives in the greater Philly area who is a fan and is probably very happy lately!

Celebrity Sighting Pt. 3

22 Jan

Last Christmas, The Dude and I went to NC to see his little sister. While we were there guess who we saw!?

For those who don’t know, he grew up in Raleigh, NC. I know this because I lived there when he was on American Idol and this information was talked about on the radio. Every day. All day. Ugh.

I’ll take “Questions I don’t know the answer to” for $200

21 Jan

I ask myself this every morning Monday – Friday when the alarm goes off and I think about my job. Today this couldn’t be more fitting.

TGIF, everyone. Here is to hoping the weekend only goes up from here.

Someone is confused

20 Jan

This morning as I was fantasizing about all the Phillies games we already bought tickets to, I couldn’t help but wonder what BREDSOX is doing living in PA. Go back to your homeland.

In other news…are you kidding me? seriously, what the eff? Soon underneath each family member there will be a full on resume.

Not religion on wheels

19 Jan

First things first. I was under the impression I posted something yesterday but it turns out it was stuck in draft mode so it looks like today you are getting yesterdays submission and another new one.  Anwyho…

I realize today’s plate could be construed as another ode to religion but I’m choosing not to believe it. The Dude and I were at Lowes the other day (which explains the break in posting) and we walked past this car. We both went to speak at the same time with what came to our minds when we saw this, neither of us coming up with anything remotely related to David and Goliath.

The Dude said:

Goliath National Bank!

For those of you who watch How I Met Your Mother, you will know what he means.

I, on the other hand, immediately said:

Awww, like Millies dead dog, Goliath.

For those of you who have ever watched Freeks and Geeks, you will know what I mean. What was more ironic is that we had just watched that very episode of F&G the day before. Small world.

You be the judge…what does it mean?