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Mimi Got Gum?

30 Dec

When I was in highschool, I took a pottery class. Because it was an elective course there was a very strange and random selection of students in the class. One of them was Mimi. Everyday Mimi would walk up to kids she didn’t even know and say:

Got gum?

Looking back, it was rather rude. Never hello. Never hi, whats your name? Just simply…got gum? Eventually we all started calling her Mimi Gotgum. As if Gotgum was her last name.  Mimi GotGum really stuck with me, mostly because it was a catchy name. I now have a co-worker who asks for gum daily and its gotten to the point where I just call him Mimi. To his face. I just can’t help myself.

Well now, with the real Mimi being a faint memory from highschool, we were finally reunited!


Al Bundy Syndrome

29 Dec

Looks like someone here can’t get over his glory days of back when he played football. Much like Al Bundy sitting around with his hand down his pants talking about his Polk High School Panthers, something tells me this guy sits around discussing how great he was when he played for UVA. Its over buddy…time to move on.



Anyone have Bruce Springsteen’s “Glory Days” now stuck in your head? Again, just me?

I ate too much!

27 Dec

At a time of year when most people are complaining about how much they ate, how fat they feel and that they need a daily stomach pumping, I suppose this is the one video game its ok to become obsessed with.

At least you’re doing something about it!

Merry Christmas!

24 Dec

Merry Christmas everyone! And just remember on this holy holiday…JESUS IS TOPS!

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday 🙂

Viewers Choice Pt 2.

23 Dec

Or alternatively…if you say so!

Its reader submission time again. This one is truly a gem. There is a saying about guys who drive around in expensive cars showing off. Something about over compensating for something?  Surely that can’t be the case here because this guy is way to AWWW-SUM for that!

Looks like someone needs a reality check.

Here Doggy Doggy!

22 Dec

A while ago The Dude and I were out to dinner with 3 other couples. We had been going out to eat with them quite often and were still in the “getting to know each other” phase of our friendships. 3 of the 4 couples have pets and were talking about pet food, where to buy certain things, etc. Finally one of the girls, JD, said to the group:

Every few months LD (her husband) and his friend will text each other and the text will just say “Pet Smart or Pets Mart”

Immediately the table errupted in laughter and soon all four couples were admitting that they themselves have had the same stupid conversations with each other. No joke..every time The Dude and I drive by this place we look at each other, scrunch our eyebrows and wonder out loud…..Pets Mart? or Pet Smart?

This person gets it..

Its a bird! Its a plane! Its….

20 Dec

Superman!? I almost feel as though this should be a celebrity sighting, however I didn’t get to see the man himself. And frankly, I’m bummed about that!

I get why Superman did this. If my home planet was as awesome as Krypton and had been blown to pieces, I’d proabably want to pay some homage too. Its just too bad Jor-El isn’t around to see this.

Sidenote: Is anyone else singing “Somebody saaaave me” right now? No? Just me? Ok then…